Dwight W. Tryon (1849-1925)

  • DWIGHT W. TRYON (1849-1925)
  • Glastonbury Meadows, 1881
  • Oil on canvas
  • 16 x 24 inches
  • Signed and dated July 1881, lower right

The impact of Tryon’s exposure to Barbizon School precepts is exemplified in Glastonbury Meadows not only in terms of theme, but in style as well. To be sure, he adheres to the simplified composition favored by Barbizon School painters, dividing the image into clearly defined areas of land and sky. Similarly, Tryon defines the scene with fluid, painterly brushwork, eschewing detail and tight contours in favor of a more suggestive interpretation of nature. His low-keyed palette wherein fresh greens and golds merge and mingle with greys and light blues, contributes to the mood of harmony and tranquility that pervades the image and helps convey the effects of muted sunlight.

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Dwight Tryon Glastonbury Meadows
Dwight W. Tryon Glastonbury Meadows unframed