Hobart Nichols, Jr. (1869-1962)

  • HOBART NICHOLS, JR. (1869-1962)
  • On the Beach
  • Oil on panel

  • 8 x 10 inches
  • Signed lower left

Many of the artist’s paintings featured the local landscape along the Bronx River, often in winter, where he explored the nuanced effect of light on snow. Nichols’ On the Beach shows a continuation of this fascination with the effects of sunlight on white surfaces. Here, the bright white clothing of the women and children in the mid-ground is rendered in cool blue tones highlighted with pure white pigment that stands out against the wide expanse of the sandy beach. The sun shines directly on the pink-faced child in the foreground, who is collecting the white seashells, rendered in thick impasto, that have scattered along the shore. Nichols’ impressionistic adeptness for color and light effects is perhaps most effectively captured in the sand in the foreground, which is skillfully rendered in tones of pink, blue and green. The horizontality of the overall composition and the thick visible brushstrokes that undulate across the painting help to emphasize the soft wind blowing across the beach that blows the standing woman’s skirt blows forward as she looks out toward the gently rolling waves. On the Beach is a charming example of the rich color and luminous palette that Nichols is known for.

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Hobart Nichols, Jr.  On the Beach Framed
Hobart Nichols, Jr.  On the Beach Unframed