John Heyl Raser (1824-1901)

  • John Heyl Raser (1824-1901)
  • Ideal, Catskill Clove, c.1860
  • Oil on panel
  • 8 x 6 inches (oval)
  • Signed lower right; Titled Ideal, verso

In 1875, Raser’s large scale painting The Falls of French Creek was exhibited at Kline, Eppihimer & Co.’s and later exhibited in New York. The location depicted was a popular summer destination in Chester County just miles from Pottstown. Working from sketches, Raser executed the 54 x 80 inch painting over the course of 6 months. The work emphasized Raser’s talent as a draftsman as well as his skill in atmospheric perspective. The critic for the Reading Times lauded the work stating that the early autumn scene captured, “…a vivid reality in the presentation of the leafage, both of the tree and vine, and in the depiction of rocks and mosses, that suggests more than a mere aesthetic knowledge of natural subjects: its shows an intimate practical and scientific acquaintance with the mysteries of botany, geology and arboriculture.” The critic noted a similarity between Raser’s, “intimate knowledge of nature [and] his close attention to details…” with the work of American landscapist James M. Hart.

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John Heyl Raser Ideal, Catskill Clove, c. 1860
John Heyl Raser Ideal, Catskill Clove, c. 1860