Elizabeth H. Remington (1826/7-1917)

  • Elizabeth Remington Hudson Valley Landscape Framed
  • ELIZABETH H. REMINGTON (1826/7-1917)
  • Hudson Valley Landscape
  • Oil on canvas
  • 20 x 30 inches
  • Signed lower right and Inscribed, NY

There is no doubt a marked influence of Hudson River School realism in the subject matter and execution of Hudson Valley Landscape. With a practiced hand, Remington illustrates an upstate New York landscape that recalls the idyllic scenes of her Hudson River School contemporaries. In composition, narrative suggestion, and treatment of light effects, Remington's Hudson Valley Landscape recalls similar scenes by contemporaries Asher B. Durand and John Frederick Kensett, particularly those executed in the mid-1860s.

In the foreground of Remington's composition, the glassy surface of the water gives way to a plush field of grass and pasture, where a group of cows grazes lazily in the sun. At the bend in the river, partially shaded by the cool branches of a tree, a lone fisherman casts a rod into the still waters, while in the distance the smoke billowing out of a farm building implies chore work being done elsewhere. In its simultaneous realism and evocation of idyllic wistfulness, Remington's Hudson Valley Landscape suggests an artistic career much richer than the historical record currently suggests.

  • ELIZABETH H. REMINGTON Hudson Valley Landscape Unframed