• Miss Fidelia Bridges at Miss Brown’s, Canaan, Connecticut, ca. 1903
  • Oil on canvas mounted to board
  • 8 ½ x 13 inches
  • Signed lower left

Frederic A. Sharf describes Fidelia Bridges in Notable American Women, 1607—1950 as follows: “She soon became a familiar village figure, tall, elegant, beautiful even in her sixties, her hair swept back, her attire always formal, even when sketching in the fields or riding her bicycle through town. Her life was quiet and unostentatious, her friends unmarried ladies of refinement . . . whom she joined for woodland picnics and afternoon teas.” Brewster skillfully captured the sophistication for which her friend was known, her cultured attire offering a counterpoint to the fields through which he is walking, yet makes her seem at one with her surroundings by casting her in colors that mimic those of the nature around her. Bridges was significantly older than Brewster, and one can sense the admiration the artist had for her elder, accomplished friend who perhaps served as motivation for her to pursue her own artistic career.

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