Louise Angell (1859-1949)

  • Angell, Mary.jpg
  • LOUISE ANGELL (1859-1949)
  • Landscape with Distant Castle
  • Oil on seashell
  • 4 x 6 ¼ inches
  • Signed verso

Painted on the inside of a six-inch shell, Angell captured a remarkable amount of detail in such a small field. One can see the individual branches and leaves of the trees, minute details that must have been created using brushes consisting of only a few hairs. Angell carefully delineated the frosty waters of the ocean from the mountain’s cliffs from using differing directionalities of brushstrokes of similar pigments. The artist used the shell’s naturally glossy sheen to her advantage; it infuses the sky with warmth from a sun that shines beyond the painting’s view, lighting the sailboat idling in the bay below. Angell created a miniature world on the surface of a seashell.

  • Angell, Mary.jpg

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