LAURA WOODWARD (1834-1926)

  • Laura Woodward Home in the Wilderness Framed
  • LAURA WOODWARD (1834-1926)
  • Home in the Wilderness, 1877
  • Oil on panel
  • 10 ½ x 8 ¼ inches
  • Signed and dated 1877, lower left

Painted in 1877, while she was still living in New York City, Woodward’s Home in the Wilderness is an example of her early work. Most likely painted in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the rustic cottage at the composition’s center implies a sentimental narrative about the bucolic simplicity of frontier life. Woodward’s fine attention to detail in the rendering of wood and foliage is indicative of her typical fresh air studies, and is an exercise in the representation of nature’s sensory abundance

  • Laura Woodward Home in the Wilderness Unframed