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Jennifer C. Krieger

Managing Partner

Jennifer Krieger has gained recognition as a successful dealer and academic scholar in the field of American art. She graduated with honors from Vassar College with a focus in American Art History, as well as degrees in Economics and French Literature. She was nominated for the Robert C. Vose Scholarship in American art. In addition to assisting in the formation of, and creating research for, numerous outstanding American painting collections, she has also written scholarly articles for the American Art Review and the Catalogue of Antiques and Fine Art. Chosen for her outstanding experience and research on 19th century women artists, Jennifer served as the co-curator of the 2010 exhibitionRemember the Ladies: Women of the Hudson River School at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site, the first ever exhibition solely dedicated to the work of female Hudson River School artists. She is also a member of the Appraisers Association of America and currently serves on the Landscape / Viewshed Advisory Committee of the Olana State Historic Site. Most of all, she welcomes the opportunity to share with you her passion for and specialized knowledge of this magnificent period of art.