Julie Hart Beers and Marion Robertson Beers Brush

Capturing Nature Side-by-Side

Edith W. Cook Landscape with White Birch, 1866

Brush with Nature

Anna Lee Stacey Harmony in Yellow, 1909

Floral Revelations

Rhoda Holmes Nicholls Reclining Lady with Dog

Joyous Color

Alice Lolita Muth Mountain Landscape unframed

Going Places

Martha J. Shaw In the Conservatory

Triumphant Lives Three

Julie Hart Beers Autumn Picnic in the Hudson Valley unframed

Still Remembering those Ladies

John Henry Hill The Old Stone Bridge unframed

Views Across and Beyond

Susie M. Barstow Mountain Lake in Autumn

Triumphant Lives Two

Mary Lane McMillan An Italian Garden

Drawn From Life

Martin Johnson Heade Cherokee Roses unframed


Ellen Wallace Sharples Portrait of George Washington unframed

Triumphant Lives

Felicie Waldo Howell Red Cross Parade

Breaking All Bounds


Summer Reading 2017


Soaring Sights


Summer Reading 2016

Electrical in Movement

Electrical in Movement

Winslow Homer Autumn Trees, 1878

Summer Reading 2015

Edward Custer

Ever So Faithful

Imp. & Figurative

Summer Reading 2014


Summer Reading 2013


The Glimmer of Light


Summer Reading 2012

An Impressionist Eye for New York

Gustave Wolff (1863-1935)

Isles of Tranquility

Isles of Tranquility: Paintings of Bermuda

Nature's Poetry

Nature's Poetry


Summer Reading 2011


Remember the Ladies

A Joy Forever

5th Anniversary Catalogue

The Light Lies Softly

The Light Lies Softly

Life in the Open Air

Life in the Open Air

A Perfect Solitude

A Perfect Solitude

Brought to Light

In the Presence of Beauty

An Impressionist Eye for New York

Brought to Light: Gustave Wolff (1863-1935)