James McDougal Hart (1828-1901)

  • JAMES MCDOUGAL HART (1828-1901)
  • Fall Landscape
  • Oil on canvas
  • 16 x 12 inches
  • Signed and dated 1881 lower left

“I aimed at the lazy, listless influence of an Indian summer day.” -James McDougal Hart

It is evident in Fall Landscape that James MacDougal Hart strove to capture the very atmosphere he described above, an idle autumn afternoon warmed and enlivened by the sun. His efforts in designing the scene, however, could only be characterized as the sheer opposite of “lazy” and “listless.” The veracity with which he describes every detail of the natural scenery immediately overwhelms the viewer. Harmoniously, the water mirrors the light above and winds through the pristine landscape. On the near side of the river, the artist depicts a lush, bucolic bit of land over arched by the feathery reaches of an old tree, providing shadow to the resting cows. The painting tells a story of a perfect American landscape, of day to be thoroughly enjoyed.

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James McDougal Hart Fall Landscape
James McDougal Hart Fall Landscape unframed