Julian Alden Weir (1852-1919)

  • Julian Alden Weir (1852-1919)
  • Family Scene, Isle of Man, c. 1889
  • Watercolor on paper
  • 12 ½ x 17 7/8 inches

... It was around the mid-1880s that the content and composition of Weir's paintings began to change as he shifted his focus toward smaller canvases and informal compositions. In 1889, Weir and his wife spent three weeks on the Isle of Man during a summer trip to Europe. Due to the similarity of the interior to other works Weir completed from that trip—most of which are etchings—we know Family Scene to have been painted there. Like many of Weir's compositions around this time, Family Scene echoes the French Impressionists' loose style of domestic genre scenes. Weir often used his wife and children for these compositions. Weir's increased interest in watercolors during the 1880s is underscored by his election to membership of the American Watercolor Society in 1884.

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