Minnie Rankin Wyman (1871-1963)

  • MINNIE RANKIN WYMAN (1871-1963)
  • Tabletop Bouquet, 1888
  • Oil on canvas
  • 15 1/2 x 23 1/4 inches
  • Signed and dated 1888, lower left

Throughout her travels, Wyman painted numerous energetic landscapes, most of which had an uninhibited quality and featured the type of exuberant, spontaneous brushwork often associated with oil sketches. However, her portraits and still lifes exhibit a more studied and restrained quality, reflecting her expertise in draftsmanship that balanced her vibrantly-colored compositions. She said, “A bright bit of flowers or sunshine in a painting makes me comfortable, happy, and brings me joy.” Wyman had a preference for floral still lifes, which she executed in oils and watercolor. She kept her studio stocked with colorful objects, such as pieces of pottery, brass trays, and animal figurines, all of which she frequently incorporated into her still lifes to add depth and complexity to her work. Despite the growing trend toward modernism, Wyman preferred to work in a more traditionalist style, saying “There always will be room for the conservative, or call it photographic if you will, in art. It is a matter of appropriateness, of good taste and choice.”[3]

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Minnie Rankin Wyman Tabletop Bouquet Unframed